Sibuco acquired its juridical personality on May 7, 1959 by virtue of RA No.2195 approved by the Congress of the Philippines; the late Hon. Alberto Q. Ubay sponsored it that later became the Governor of the province of Zamboanga del Norte.

        The first appointed Mayor was the late  Hon. Victor Bernardo who opted not to run in the first election, which was then the beginning for the long career of the late Hon. Habibon A. Pia.

        During the reign of former president Corazon C. Aquino, Hja. Jahura E. Julwaldi was appointed as the Local Chief Executive, however his tutelage did not last long since she lost on the following regular election.

        In May of 1992, Atty. Pablo S. Bernardo  won the mayoralty seat, however, his proclamation was contested by no less than Atty. Norbi H. Edding who come in to succeed his remaining tenure and went on to lead the municipality for three consecutive terms.

        At present the lovely Hja. Nurunniam B. Edding came in and succeeded her better half another three years term.

        Sibuco is avowed with rich natural and cultural beauty that for many years have enticed many to come and see this southernmost municipality of the province of Zamboanga del Norte

        His acoustic name is a product of combining two native words of "Sibi-Sibi" and "buco-buco".  As narrated by folktale, the place was frequented by a giant with the name of "KURUMAN" his size was so enormous that the place seem so small (sibi-sibi) and the waters on the river are ankle deep or (buco-buco) that is why the place later came to be Sibuco.